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Xiaomi is not officially in Kenya and when they expand to the Kenyan market their presence will be officially communicated in their official social media accounts and their official website will be updated to include Kenya as one of the regions in MEA (Middle East and Africa). Currently only one authorized store is listed; Task FZCO-UAE (https://www.mi.com/mea/service/wheretobuy)

We are Xiaomi Products Retailer. We do not claim to represent Xiaomi in any capacity. We only market and sell Xiaomi products both in our online platform (www.mi-store.co.ke for Kenya market and www.mi-store.rw for Rwanda market) and our offline stores. There are thousands of Mi Stores worldwide and some of them are Authorised stores but most of them are just Mi Stores being managed and run by Xiaomi Entrepreneurs in line with Xiaomi's vision to create a sustainable business model that will showcase all Xiaomi phones and Ecosystem products to Mi Fans and consumers. We are one such Mi store. We offer Xiaomi products at honest pricing.

Our main competitors (who are misinformed to claim to be Xiaomi) registered their social media accounts the same time we also registered our domain name. They have listed www.mi.com/global as their website yet they do not have any access to the website. Their official email address is a gmail account. They do not manage any website. They have been actively misleading millions of Kenyans for the last three years into believing they are Xiaomi in Kenya and they have on numerous occasions attempted several failed Xiaomi product launches. On most of these occasions they have reached out to us requesting for products and service support. We are currently the only Xiaomi products retailer who delivers after sales products to Mi fans in Kenya (including to them and their partners).

On various occasions from 2017 to date our competitors (who purports to be Xiaomi) have physically come to our Mi Store with demands that we close down our business and we stop selling Xiaomi products. They do not foresee working in a competitive environment. Xiaomi is not in the business of competing with its resellers, they facilitate and encourage Mi Stores to stock and sell Xiaomi products and services. Our competitors have in the past reported and had our social media page ‘Xiaomi Products Retailer’ unpublished by claiming that we are selling fake Xiaomi products. They also attempted the same on our new social media page ‘Mi Products Retailer’ but we successfully appealed and had the page re-published by Facebook.

Their latest approach has been to threaten us into handing over this website for their own business use. We condemn this hostile business approach in the strongest possible terms. Our competitors are misinformed as to the meaning and ownership of Mi Stores and also on how Xiaomi operates in partnership with MI Stores. Mi Stores are Stores that sell Xiaomi Products. We are one such Mi Store. There are several Mi Stores in Kenya.

Xiaomi Products Retailer.
19th November 2019.

Mi Store Address
BIHI Towers
Along Moi Avenue.
3rd Floor
Shop No. 1
Nairobi Kenya

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